Video Preparation Tips

The Pitch

  1. Problem you are trying to solve

  2. Current solutions, existing alternatives

  3. Your solution

  4. Why it's better than alternatives

  5. Your traction (i.e. metrics, proof the market wants what you're building)

  6. The opportunity (how large can this become)

  7. Founders (recognizable brands, domain expertise, why are you the right people to build this)

  8. (Optional) A 10-20 second product demo can help land the message


  • Write & memorize script

  • Excitement, changes of tone, pauses

  • MORE visuals, less text

  • Cut out, you’ll land max 1-3 messages

  • Plan ahead time to iterate on feedback


  • Don’t read from script

  • Don’t use text heavy slides

  • Don’t use fluff (music, backgrounds)

  • Don’t forget to explain the problem

  • Don’t be vague about the solution

  • Don’t hesitate (ehhhh, uhmmms, ahhhhs)

  • Don’t show product demos (unless they’re exceptional)

  • Don’t miss the deadlines

Demo Video

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