Snapshot Vote

A community Snapshot is created after the Twitter Spaces using the EXACT text that was mentioned in the Community Builder Proposal. Any community member with 10 or more METIS can create a Snapshot vote. The community gets to vote on Projects they feel is good for the ecosystem. A majority pass (80% YES) and quorum met (10k METIS and 500 wallet addresses) will be needed to acquire the community verification.

A Snapshot vote is casted by committing a number of Metis to the voting address. Delegated Metis for voting will be returned to voters after the voting process. For example, One can vote on our ongoing Metis CEG Program temperature Check Snapshot by simple connecting your wallet,

Scroll Down to cast vote after connecting your wallet. A voter will vote For or Against a particular Project by delegating Metis as voting power

Does the vote pass?

If No: The Project will have to resubmit their proposal with the feedback given from the community.

If Yes: Projects gets added to the Community Builder Program and will be granted the title of a “Community Verified Project”

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