Step 1: The Project Representative (User) will sign up on ceg.vote

Step 2: User posts Proposal on ceg.vote forum (Ecosystem proposal folder)

Proposal Structure:

  • Proposal title – Ecosystem Proposal: Project name is...

  • Introduction

  • Value Proposition

  • Uniqueness Factor

  • Benefits for Users

  • Benefits for Metis Ecosystem

  • Security/Audits

  • Roadmap

  • Summary

  • Official Links: Website, Docs, etc.

The structure for writing an Ecosystem Proposal is flexible, and you are free to format it in a way that you deem necessary. The template is provided for convenience in drafting your proposal.

Step 3: Community Review

This process involves a review of the project by the Metis community. The community will provide questions, feedback, and discuss your project.

During this period, after you have published your Ecosystem Proposal, please contact the Metis Team for timely publication of your proposal for voting at https://snapshot.org/#/metislayer2.eth

Step 4: Snapshot Voting

The voting period is 72 hours and is published every Monday on Metis Snapshot Page. During this 72-hour period, the project must meet the required quorum. Projects that pass the vote (80% YES, with a quorum of 10k METIS and 500 wallet addresses met) will be granted Community Verified Project status.

If a project fails to meet the quorum, it is entitled to a revote for another round of voting.

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