Proposal Recommendations

These are guidelines proposed by Metis team. Project does not have to comply with them all and it's up to the community to decide if the proposal is comprehensive enough.

Core Principles

  • Tech Utility: The project can have a token, but a general rule of thumb is that you do not need to own/buy the token to use the platform.

  • Security: To ensure that the DApp being launched is safe for community use, Metis requires an audit by an accredited audit service appropriate for that use case. For instance, an audit group that specializes in token audits is not robust enough to meet the requirements for auditing/reviewing a Metaverse project.

  • Uniqueness Factor: The project will bring something new and different to our network, rather than being, say, just the 29th DEX to launch on Metis. Include at least 1 unique utility that differs from other projects on the network.

General Content Recommendations

For proposal we have the following template (you can but don't have to follow it!):

Proposal title – Ecosystem Proposal: Project name...

Smart Contract-based Application Recommendation

We strongly recommend that Projects undergo at least one audit of their smart contracts. The community should be aware of the risk if there are no audit confirmations.

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