Testnet Proposal Recommendations

Similarly to Mainnet Proposals, it's not obligatory for the Project to meet all of the recommendations, however the community needs to understand the risks of approving one. Here are Metis team guidelines for a comprehensive Proposal:

  • Metis Goerli Testnet Deployed

  • EVM Equivalent

  • Milestone timeline and roadmap for future quarters included

  • Estimated integration date with Metis Andromeda Mainnet included

  • Audit completion date confirmation included, specifying which audit company the project is planning on using

  • Testnet dApp active members 1k+

  • Community members 1k+

  • Having another, successfully deployed project on Metis or other chain

  • Having the same project deployed on other chain already (multichain)

  • Providing 1-3 referrals/recommendations from Web3 projects

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